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IQOS Downs Festival

Bringing the future of nicotine to one of the UK’s most vibrant festivals!

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The challenge:

 As the leading Heated Tobacco brand in the world, IQOS is changing the lives of millions of consumers. But consumers need to be aware of the positive change they can make, and in a heavily restricted market, it’s hard to stand out and shout about new products.

IQOS needed a festival activation programme that would engage smokers in environments where they might be open to considering a new way of consuming nicotine. 

What we did:

We researched, selected, arranged and activated an IQOS festival experience at The Downs Festival, in Bristol – one of the UK’s most appropriate festival experiences to capture smokers. 

We created a premium lounge experience, complete with garden pods, refreshments, mobile phone charging and (crucially at any festival!) access to toilets –all to encourage consumers to come and hang out with their friends and enjoy a trial of a new alternative in a comfortable surrounding.

Complete with brilliant brand ambassadors who were both welcoming and friendly, and expertly knowledgeable, the experience captured and converted large numbers of smokers to a new alternative to smoking!

“It was such an excellent execution and really pushed our thinking – thank you!”

- Aga Lewandowska, PR Manager, IQOS

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