Case Study

Bringing the Dew to You

Delivering a memorable brand experience for one of the USA’s biggest drinks brands, introducing it to an entirely new market.

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The results:

1 million

samples distributed

Delivering relevance and authentic audience engagement


European skaters competing in over 3 festival locations


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The challenge:

Take Mountain Dew to the masses by aligning with their passion, in a relevant and authentic way.

What we did:

We were tasked with recruiting new Gen Z fans to the Mountain Dew brand by collaborating closely with our client and other agencies.

We noticed that the audience was becoming increasingly interested in skateboarding culture, so we created a series of skateboard-inspired activations that tapped into this passion point.

Drawing on the success of the Dew tour in Amsterdam, we had a blueprint of how to successfully run the tour in the UK. This taught us to create experiences that were aligned with the global strategy and felt truly relevant to the lifestyle and interests of Mountain Dew consumers.

We organised a Dew Tour street skating event in which three professional skateboarders from the United States came to interact with the audience and judge the competition, providing an authentic experience for visitors.

We also created a three-festival half-pipe competition to expand the consumer base and engage the masses. We invited the Top 12 European half-pipe skaters to compete in a tournament to rival Board Masters, Love Box, and Liverpool, allowing them to showcase their skills on a custom-made, mobile half-pipe.

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