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Pepsi Max Taste Challenge

​​Take the Taste Challenge – it only takes one sip…

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The results:

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taste challenges executed
over 70+ locations

In 2018

61% chose Pepsi Max

In 2019

65% chose Pepsi Max


across 40


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The challenge:

Challenge the UK to once and for all determine which is their favourite best-tasting cola…

What we did:

Pepsi Max put its taste on the line by pitting its great taste against the leading full sugar cola brand. We asked people to leave their bias on the sidelines and let their taste buds choose a winner.

To bring this epic challenge to life and reinforce that Pepsi Max is the choice for taste, we created and designed a mobile Pepsi Max Taste Challenge trailer that grabbed the attention of the consumer and encouraged them to take the test.

The trailer visited numerous locations across the country. It delivered city domination in each location by aligning with a social post, outdoor media and close proximity sampling to ensure everyone knew the Taste Challenge was in town.

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