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Rockstar Sampling

Relaunching Rockstar – Big Style!

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The challenge:

As creators of the Global activation Toolkit for Rockstar, following the acquisition by PepsiCo, we were tasked with delivering a large-scale, inspirational sampling campaign across the UK in the summer of 2022.

The key to Rockstar’s success is to tackle consumers in less ‘obvious’ sampling locations. So we were challenged to get the brand in the hands of our specific consumers, whilst accompanying money off coupons would also be given out.

What we did:

We created a multi-city sampling campaign, aiming to distribute over 900,000 Rockstar can samples and money off coupons. Our aim was to generate a buzz and excitement about the new Rockstar brand over a 6-week campaign.

To do this, we needed to ensure the sampling kit (including the uniform) was bold, eye-catching and relatable to the target audience. In addition, our great staffing teams needed to advocate key messaging to target audience consumers, including driving the great taste of the Rockstar products.

We focused our campaign on 4 key cities and set ourselves the challenging goal of 15,000 samples and MONC per day.

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